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the rhythmic colors of Heinz Mack

I must admit that as far as colors go, turquoise green is not my all-time favorite. But interestingly, regardless of my color predilection, this painting by Dusseldorf über-artist Heinz Mack causes me to pause and observe. Capturing light, reflection and … Continue reading

A lost Leonardo da Vinci resurfaces … really!

In the field of Old Master Paintings, where the artists have long passed, the pleasure of the old master connoisseur is reserved for the discovery of new works in the body of an artist, particularly a blue chip artist.  But … Continue reading

Chu Teh-Chun’s inner light

Chinese artist Chu Teh-Chun (b. 1920) has been a fixture on the Hong Kong contemporary scene for years, and although he has a presence in the West (predominantly France where he is a member of the prestigious Académie des Beaux-Arts) … Continue reading

The Zen canvases of Johnnie Winona Ross

At a glance, it is perhaps easy to confuse the pastel colored canvases of the talented Winona Ross with that of his predecessor, the great Agnes Martin.  Not only are they both stylistically similar, but are spiritual as well.  You … Continue reading

Reality according to Richter

Although Gerhard Richter’s photo-paintings are among his earliest works of art, I first took careful notice of them in the Spring of 2009 when the National Portrait Gallery in London organized an exhibition of Richter’s Portraits.  But what were they? … Continue reading

Forging a new art fair in paris

Perhaps better recognized as THE most successful of European portrait artists of the mid-eighteenth century(as popularity goes, think of him as today’s Mario Testino, painting the “in” crowd of the 1750s),  Pompeo Batoni (1708-1787) was also an accomplished painter of … Continue reading

Philip Taaffe: “one of the best painters in the world”

The quote above came from an article in Interview Magazine and The New York Times (sorry about the lack of dates … it’s so annoying trying to find dates from older articles posted on the internet!).  For about 10 years … Continue reading