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the calligraphic impasto of James Hayward

I was recently offered a marvelous painting by James Hayward (American, b. 1943) for one of my clients and I immediately started drooling – mind you, not for the asking price, but for the rich, lathery, scrummy impasto of the … Continue reading

Allan D’Arcangelo: an artist worth knowing

Perhaps not as well known as Tom Wesselmann, Roy Lichtenstein or even Andy Warhol, Allan D’Arcangelo (1930-1998) was a terribly accomplished American Pop artist who worked over a period of 50 years. In keeping with the tradition of Pop Art, … Continue reading

body painting + fire = Yves Klein’s FC-1

Today, for an artist to produce a finished work without having touched it is more common than you think.  But back in the very early 1960s, it was very much a novelty being explored by the French artist Yves Klein … Continue reading

Ultimate luxury: Sitting for your own Van Dyck

In early February I was asked by a client to find a portrait artist because he was giving his wife the gift of a sitting. His stipulations were that the artist A) not be a freak, B) was partial to … Continue reading

Lucio Fontana’s canvas breaks

Perhaps better known for his slashed canvas oeuvre that he began in the mid 1950s and a technique he used through to the end of his life, Italian artist (though Argentine-born) Lucio Fontana (1899-1968) also worked the canvas in other … Continue reading

A Dutch dandy

A painter is normally faced with deciding what medium to use.  Today there are countless mediums, but in the early 17th century, only a few were acceptable to the rich collecting patrons: panel, canvas, copper and perhaps slate.  Of these, … Continue reading

Diego Rivera and the Rockefeller commission

Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo are undoubtedly Mexico’s most famous 20th century artists.  But even the mightiest of artists do not have carte blanche to do as they please when commissioned by a powerful arts patron, as I … Continue reading