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$135 million for a 1920s texas mansion upgraded by peter marino

  J.R.’s Southfork it’s not, neither is it a typical McMansion, but we’re still deep in the heart of Texas.  Located just minutes from downtown Dallas, the Crespi-Hicks Estate could become the most expensive piece of real estate in the … Continue reading

“it’s so old it’s new”

The timeless Torcello antique mirror screen by Arte Veneziana is one of those pieces that REALLY goes with any period of décor. It is inspired by 18th century mirrored glass of which Venice was one of the finest producers at the … Continue reading

Sleigh Beds – luxurious sleeping through the ages

The Napoleonic age of the early 19th century incorporated neoclassical design into all aspects of life, from fashion to furnishings.  Naturally this included bed design and from this sprung what we know today as the sleigh bed; a design that … Continue reading