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the mirror as a study in dazzling artistry

Like enormous multi-faceted diamonds, the smoking hot contemporary mirrors of British designer Sam Orlando Miller are simply striking.  Regardless of the mirror’s color, the play of light and dark, shadow and reflection make these stylish design pieces for any sophisticated … Continue reading

The old art form of coquillage made fresh by today’s Thomas Boog

At its zenith in the 18th century, any self-respecting noble and aristocrat in Europe escaped the suffocating heat of their main house during the summer months by building a fashionable grotto with a fountain and dripping with seashell decoration … … Continue reading

Palo Samko: the devil is in the details

Schooled in Slovakia and now Brooklyn-based, inventive designer Palo Samko is one furniture maker to keep an eye on.  While his chairs and tables are all the rage in some circles, my preference is for his walnut round mirror with … Continue reading

a modern master

If we are open and aware, sometime in our lifetime there appears a true contemporary master craftsman and sublime artist who pays so much attention to detail, materials, design and originality that he resembles the best of the best craftsmen … Continue reading