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modern vibes in the work of a brooklyn furniture designer


Only in his early 30s, cabinetmaker and Brooklyn furniture designer Asher Israelow is already making waves in the world of original contemporary furniture.  Focusing on small batches, this eco friendly craftsman uses only ethically and locally sourced materials to create … Continue reading

What does it take to collect modern design?

I am constantly asked for my opinion about modern design from clients just starting out on that collecting jaunt.  With fine art, you can visit museums and galleries and find your way through the maze, but with modern design things … Continue reading

Houshmands wrap-arounds: not the Diane von Furstenberg type

Surely the design diva would agree with me that today’s featured low table … R-o-c-k-s- da H-o-u-s-e! It’s phenomenal. This elegant and modern glass table is fitted with a walnut micro slab that wraps around the glass like a fitted … Continue reading

furniture that brings new life to old trees

I don’t know why, but when I hear the terms “recycled”, “reclaimed” or “re-purposed”, I immediately envision ugly, cheap and utilitarian furnishing, even though I’ve featured some sensational “re-purposed” objects on this blog.  What’s the matter with me!!? Well today’s … Continue reading