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a new way of cleaning up with these fierce contemporary shower heads

I’m in the midst of finding appropriate hardware for a bathroom renovation and the shower is making me work for my money.  The clients want “unconventional” but this can go completely the other way towards the “tacky” side of things. … Continue reading

elevating hardware to an art form

Having spent a morning at E.R. Butler & Co. selecting doorknobs, I feel inadequate calling it a “hardware” store.  Located in NoLita in Manhattan, this “emporium” is more akin to a jewelry studio than a hardware store not only for … Continue reading

Brooklyn’s cultish cutting boards

Whoever thought a kitchen cutting board could be cool and hip?  Not me, but I was readily converted after I saw these from indy designer Peter Raho, owner of Gowanus Furniture. These beautiful custom boards whisper great design and have … Continue reading

not your funky uncle’s 70s vinyl floors

Do you remember vinyl flooring … you know, the nasty type that covered kitchen and bathroom floors all over the world for the greater part of the 20th century?  Nowadays, one sees it and immediately wants to tear it up … Continue reading

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard’s color splash

Perhaps better known as one of the “Million Dollar Decorators” on TV’s Bravo Channel in the U.S., LA-based decorator Martyn Lawrence-Bullard certainly did not need the series to establish himself as an ĂĽber-decorator.  His style is exactly what people such … Continue reading

Shawn Henderson’s balanced and well-appointed modern space

Coming from a specialization in art and design and therefore relatively new at putting spaces together for clients, my eye tends to find solace in the designs of talented young colleagues with a fresh outlook on interior design who are … Continue reading

California dreamin’ #2 with Jeff Andrews

Back on 27 July, I wrote about a sublime bedroom and bathroom by my insanely talented colleague Jeff Andrews in California. This post was so well received that it catapulted itself to the top of my all-time popular posts.  Recently, … Continue reading