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Just monkeying around

Don’t think I’m getting soft these days …. As I’ve always said, art is not always about the latest trend, the most coveted artist, or the piece that will skyrocket in value.  Many times, it’s about what makes you happy … Continue reading

Design-Week for Kids (4/5)

Today is day four of our weeklong feature on design for kids. With the way the economy is these days, it is perhaps a good idea to teach kids to save their pennies now to obtain a reward in the … Continue reading

Design-week for kids (3/5)

Today is day three of our feature on design for kids … the real ones not the grown up type! When I think of a cardboard chair, what immediately comes to mind is Frank Gehry’s Wiggle Chair designed for Vitra.  … Continue reading

Design-week for kids (2/5)

Today is day two of our week-long feature on design for kids. For whatever reason, kids love to play house; whether made of sheets and cardboard, or a fort built under a table or in my case, a canvass tepee … Continue reading

Design-week for the Kids (1/5)

As the Holidays are closing in on us, I thought this week I would present curated selections of very cool design items for kids.  Why not get them started at a young age! … and who knows, perhaps one of … Continue reading