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Two Ceramic Artists to Note


Today I want to bring two ceramic artists that are at the forefront of the contemporary ceramic scene. Kaori Tatebayashi is from Japan but lives in London and Derek Wilson is Irish with a studio in Belfast.   Kaori Tatebayashi … Continue reading

japan handmade – traditional craft of the 21st century

The Ki-Oke stools, designed by OeO and produced by Nakagawa Mokkougei for Japan Handmade, conjure the best of Japanese elegance and Scandinavian simplicity in one. Hands-down they fit into any interior decoration scheme that incorporates these elements. The choice of … Continue reading

The “aha” moment in the farming-net light pendants from Nendo

The work of Japanese-Canadian designer Oki Sato – founder of Tokyo design studio Nendo – is something that frankly I rarely encounter. Aside from being eco-friendly, beautiful, functional and infinitely well made pendant lights, the mission behind his work is … Continue reading

the inden technique – 400+ years of Japanese tradition

A good personal friend at Sotheby’s recently introduced me to the Japanese technique called Inden, which in so many words is urishi-lacquer delicately applied to deerskin.  The technique is normally found today in small personal items like wallets and handbags. … Continue reading

Japanese tiles for the germ phobe in all of us

If you’ve been to Japan you’ve seen the lovely silver gloss emitted from the roofs of traditional homes.  This shine comes off the tiles which are made of carbonized soil – and you think being “green” started in the West!!! … Continue reading

a modern twist on classical ceramics

I’m often asked by people (clients, peers in the interior design world and other acquaintances) what they should collect.  I like to think they’re asking me because of my knowledge of the art world, but often their underlying question is … Continue reading

Marcel Coard’s eggshell side table

I’m constantly amazed at the superb quality, marvelous style and inventive materials used by the best French designers of the 1920s and 1930s. Case in point, this gorgeous eggshell, lacquer and chromium side table by Marcel Coard. Everything about this table … Continue reading