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apparatus studio, new york, looks to the clouds for contemporary modern lighting

The clever image above is a photo of the Cloud lighting pendant (as seen from below) designed by supercool Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson for Apparatus, their Chelsea, New York design studio. At a glance, it looks like a bunch … Continue reading

token lamp pendants steal the show

It’s not everyday you find modern studio products designed, developed and made by designers engaging both sides of their brain – the artistic and the rational.  And perhaps this is why the duo behind Token, a Brooklyn-based design studio, have … Continue reading

a beehive of light

Good design is good design regardless of when it was made.  And today, with technology fueling the increasingly faster pace between the idea and final product, it is easy to be blasé about good design and be of the mindset … Continue reading

hand-blown light pendants with a retro feel

I’ll go months without finding a good light fixture, but lately, I’ve been lucky and found a handful of very good sources.  I’m holding on to these, but willing to share with you!  Today it’s the handsome Nested Cylinder pendants … Continue reading

Some smokin’ hot light fixtures

Recently I was introduced to the work of Southern California artists Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar.  And while their glass blowing studio makes all sorts of glass objects, what really struck me was their beautiful lighting.  It’s what I would … Continue reading

marvelous? clearly.

In July, I wrote a post on the Ghost Chair by Cini Boeri and Tomu Takayanagi. Being made of glass, I was surprised by their beauty, solidity and comfort. And with that, I started investigating more about glass furniture only … Continue reading

the modern crystal chandelier

People may not know this, but early on I was interested in biology and chemistry. Somewhere along the line that thankfully changed.  But sometimes the things you dig early on are hard to shake off.  So when I was looking … Continue reading