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modern glass that inspires: baldwin guggisberg

modern glass baldwin guggisberg

Modern glass vessels help bring freshness to a room that heavier sculpture and flat art can’t always do. Recently a dear friend brought to my attention the inspired glass works of American-Swiss artists based in Wales: Baldwin Guggisberg. I’m so … Continue reading

bling, bling in the luxurious glass of Anna Torfs

Belgian born glass artist and designer Anna Torfs is once again pushing the envelope of innovation and plush luxury with the vessels in her objects collection.  Rooted in traditional glass making techniques, but forward thinking in design, Anna is one … Continue reading

transmitting beauty: the lens sconce by LA-artist Alison Berger

Los Angeles-based designer and glass artist Alison Berger has achieved one of the hardest things to do as a product designer: to create a timeless and sophisticated piece – something stripped to its essence that will look (and function) well … Continue reading

The glorious Tiffany collection from The Garden Museum in Japan

The first Thursday of every month, I’m over at Modenus as a contributing editor.  Today I’m writing about the unfortunate closing of the Garden Museum in Japan and some of the less-traditional Tiffany treasures being offered to the public, so … Continue reading

passing the test of time: modernity in the tiffany vase

When we think of Tiffany today, we think sparkling diamonds, glittering jewelry, polished silver and glowing Tiffany lamps.  It’s not generally my thing.  BUT, I happen to love some of Tiffany’s vases.  Not only do they tend to work in … Continue reading

modern art and architecture in the lighting glasswork of brooklyn artist thaddeus wolfe

Just when you think you’ve seen it all … voila … something interesting appears.  And this is exactly what happened one September afternoon when I was walking around SoHo Manhattan and went into my favorite (and very chic) hardware store … Continue reading

discovering sophisticated table lamps at the London Design Festival

One of the products unveiled last month during the London Design Festival were these gorgeous table lamps by UK designer Simon Moore. The collection, called Balustrade, consists of 4 different table lamps with stackable and interchangeable components made of hand … Continue reading