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messerschmidt, a sculptor a(head) of his time

  Franz Xaver Messerschmidt is not some cool “up and coming” contemporary artist churning out these fantastically expressive sculptures somewhere in a studio in the former East Berlin.  But you’re forgiven for thinking that.  His portrait busts are so wild … Continue reading

candida höfer: reviving the past through the eyes of the present

If you’ve been reading me for some time, you know I have a tremendous love and appreciation for the arts and design of the past, particularly if one can strike a good balance with the arts of our lifetime to … Continue reading

the rhythmic colors of Heinz Mack

I must admit that as far as colors go, turquoise green is not my all-time favorite. But interestingly, regardless of my color predilection, this painting by Dusseldorf über-artist Heinz Mack causes me to pause and observe. Capturing light, reflection and … Continue reading

Reality according to Richter

Although Gerhard Richter’s photo-paintings are among his earliest works of art, I first took careful notice of them in the Spring of 2009 when the National Portrait Gallery in London organized an exhibition of Richter’s Portraits.  But what were they? … Continue reading

The passion in the photos of Christopher Thomas

My best friend in London brought to my attention a fascinating photographer which admittedly was new to me.  Munich-born artist Christopher Thomas is better known for his New York Sleeps, a series of photographs of city monuments and landmarks shown … Continue reading