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stalactites and stalagmites 4 the home

This is one bookcase like you’ve never seen before. Introduced during Milan Design Week, this modular bookcase/display/storage space is by Daniele Lago for Italian firm Lago Studio.  You may recall I wrote about them when I introduced the deliciously colorful … Continue reading

Sleigh Beds – luxurious sleeping through the ages

The Napoleonic age of the early 19th century incorporated neoclassical design into all aspects of life, from fashion to furnishings.  Naturally this included bed design and from this sprung what we know today as the sleigh bed; a design that … Continue reading

it’s raining …. meteors?

While I’m not one to shy away from new furniture pieces, on this blog and in my projects I’ve shown that taking something given to us by nature and repurposing it with elegance and style can turn out a very, … Continue reading

unveiling Mantò by Poltrona Frau

Just weeks from its initial release, Mantò is the new haute couture sofa by pedigreed Italian furniture maker Poltrona Frau. There are several things to note about this sofa.  The first is the exquisite design of the soft back and … Continue reading

1950s design for all

I’ve been looking and looking and looking for a lovely bench to sit in front of a large bay window of a Scandinavian inspired room, when I spotted this marvel. B-I-N-G-O.  It was perfect in size, proportion and style. I … Continue reading

“honey, I shrunk (and shrunk and shrunk) the table”

Brooklyn furniture maker Mark de la Vega’s nesting tables are simply the bomb. The classic shape is Ruhlmann in its inspiration with beautiful lines and rich rosewood veneers that have been flipped-matched so as not to point in the same … Continue reading

Houshmands wrap-arounds: not the Diane von Furstenberg type

Surely the design diva would agree with me that today’s featured low table … R-o-c-k-s- da H-o-u-s-e! It’s phenomenal. This elegant and modern glass table is fitted with a walnut micro slab that wraps around the glass like a fitted … Continue reading