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comfortable recliners with style

comfortable-recliners-Just chair

Are there elegant comfortable recliners out there? Just last week I was faced with this question when a new client called me to say that her husband was insistent that I include a recliner of some sort in my proposal … Continue reading

with a superb array of art, the international fair in new york opened last night

The art and design social calendar starts in New York every Fall with Anna and Brian Haughton’s International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show exhibiting some of the most exciting works of art for sale today.  So it was a great … Continue reading

from spain: aggaro’s modern senns chaise longue

Marrying the beauty of art with the functionality of everyday furniture is not an easy task. One design group making waves is Spain’s Aggaro, a studio in the town of Vigo, across the border from northern Portugal and not far … Continue reading

cool, minimalist zen tables from Korean artist Byung-Hoon Choi

I often think how curious it is that our arrogant western minds find eastern minimalism as something new and “modern” when in fact, the east has embraced the minimalistic and abstract natural world way before the Norman invasion of England … Continue reading

do you know … Robin Day?

What if I told you today’s featured designer produced one of the world’s most popular chairs – so popular in fact, that more than 20 million and counting have been made – could you guess his name? Robin Day (1915-2010), … Continue reading

three times the possibilities: Matthias Demacker’s Mid-century vibe

I have just finished specifying a dining room renovation in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West side where the client has midcentury tastes but because of rambunctious children, is not interested in spending money on midcentury design.  Lucky for them, … Continue reading

creative contemporary offerings from Spain: toast the organic mid-century cocktail table!

It’s almost passé to have a single cocktail table in your living room today.  And while I’m still living with one at home (guess its time to change!), more and more I’m starting to incorporate tables of different shapes and … Continue reading