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felt home accessories never looked better


FilzFelt, a Boston-based company specializing in felt, is producing modern and versatile felt home accessories: felt floor coverings, felt drapery, felt hanging panels and felt tabletop embellishments for today’s home that offer flexibility and soften spaces both physically and acoustically … Continue reading

panzeri and modern LED lighting strips

  A well-needed update to the one-time useful, but hideous fluorescent strip lighting fixture has just hit the market; and it’s a beauty!  Designed earlier this year by Carmen Ferrara for the cutting-edge Italian lighting firm Panzeri, the LED ceiling … Continue reading

luxury river cruising on the Amazon and Mekong

Small ship luxury cruising has been around for many years particularly in France, Germany and Egypt.  But for those with a streak for exotic experiences (I include myself!), there is now the extremely cool and out-of-this-world extravagant cruising in the … Continue reading

LED Lighting you will want to take to bed

“ledtube” Sometimes things just fall on your lap and this was the case of the architectural lighting from Barcelona’s MARSET who happened to send me their catalogue just as I was specifying bedside lighting for a project.  And oh is … Continue reading

ancient textiles for contemporary living: the rapa furniture by israeli designer ayala serfati

I was recently having tea with my friend Daniella Ohad in her very stylish and contemporary flat in New York, when the “thing” she sat on caused me to get up, touch, scoot her out and sit.  It was the … Continue reading

shio: intricate mineral formations for the home

Last week I was at Modenus once again.  I featured the creative, intriguing and sublime work of a very cool science geek turned artist, Seattle-based Daniel MacDonald.  MacDonald has figured out the way of turning his childhood fascination with crystal … Continue reading

japan handmade – traditional craft of the 21st century

The Ki-Oke stools, designed by OeO and produced by Nakagawa Mokkougei for Japan Handmade, conjure the best of Japanese elegance and Scandinavian simplicity in one. Hands-down they fit into any interior decoration scheme that incorporates these elements. The choice of … Continue reading