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dutch old master paintings at sothebys


Henry and June “Jimmy” Weldon amassed a fascinating collection of Flemish and Dutch old master paintings over 60 years of passionate collecting. Around 2002 I had the good fortune to meet Jimmy and was invited to her apartment to look … Continue reading

pull, stretch and snap: the works of sebastian brajkovic and vincent dubourg

Blurring the lines of art, sculpture and furniture are the works of the amazingly talented thirtysomethings Sebastian Brajkovic and Vincent Dubourg, two artists producing different types of sculptural furniture through the distortion of familiar forms. In both cases, the guys … Continue reading

deconstructing the past with bouke de vries: ceramic restoration as art

One relatively new artist who understands “creation” in a different way than most of us is the ever so peculiar (and I mean this in the very best of ways) London-based, Dutch-born Bouke de Vries who after studying design and working for … Continue reading

A Dutch dandy

A painter is normally faced with deciding what medium to use.  Today there are countless mediums, but in the early 17th century, only a few were acceptable to the rich collecting patrons: panel, canvas, copper and perhaps slate.  Of these, … Continue reading

gerrit dou’s “sleeping beauty”

One of the many masterpieces I had the honor to inspect and handle first hand as an art specialist, was this sublime painting by the 17th century Dutch artist Gerrit Dou, the first of the group of artists known as … Continue reading

More than lines on paper

I am bombarded on a daily basis with information sent to me on art, artists, designers, products, etc., etc. and most of it, in my view, is rubbish.  But sometimes something really interesting and worth mentioning appears.   This is the … Continue reading