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richard rabel interiors in architectural digest

I’m thrilled beyond words to announce the publication of a recent project by Richard Rabel Interiors in Architectural Digest!!! Above all, heartfelt thanks to my clients and friends for the opportunity and their trust. Thanks also to the wonderfully talented … Continue reading

wall décor; your very own wall of plants

Live Vertical Garden of Bayside, Long Island, have created a beautiful and functional new way to enjoy plants indoors.  This is perfect for people like me who live in city apartments, but long to have a bit of the outdoors, well … Continue reading

Apavisa Porcelanico’s corroding metal tiles: one designer’s treasure is a client’s coup

It’s really incredible what some modern porcelain companies are doing in accurately producing tiles that resemble wood, metal, rock and cement.  One of the innovators in this field is the Spanish company Apavisa Porcelánico who stylishly reproduce the look of corroding metal … Continue reading

going gaga over dimensional surfaces

YUMA and SUBU panels   Walls are an important factor in any interior design project. I have featured many different products that I can certainly recommend including stencils, wallpaper, mega photograph mural, colored concrete, translucent concrete, glass tiles and ceramic … Continue reading