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it’s raining …. meteors?

While I’m not one to shy away from new furniture pieces, on this blog and in my projects I’ve shown that taking something given to us by nature and repurposing it with elegance and style can turn out a very, … Continue reading

Liz O’Brien’s 1970s mineral inspired furniture

What does a well-established 20th century design dealer do to grow her business?  She takes a cue from her interior designer colleagues, looks at the past and creates a select line of new furniture and accessories for today’s design craving … Continue reading

Fusing traditions in the work of Nada Debs

You will hardly guess what this is. C’mon, take a stab before you go any further. I’m very happy to say I found these truly fun, unordinary and very functional low tables by the very, very clever Lebanese designer Nada … Continue reading

Project Pickboard | richard rabel: using 1st dibs in a living room – (2/5)

Today is day two of our bachelor pad living room make over. For the cocktail table I selected a 1970s modernist piece with chrome steel support and mahogany/off-white lacquer top.  The ends of the table slide in/out depending on the … Continue reading

Roman Thomas

Since I first saw one of their few advertisements years ago, I have completely obsessed over the beautiful furniture of American cabinetmaker Roman Thomas.  I hope you can see what I mean.  Inspired by the simple lines of American mid-century furniture, his … Continue reading

a curvaceous beauty

I ran across this table earlier in the year when it debuted in the Milan Furniture Design Fair and found its shape yummy enough to get an image for my files.  The Quark table is designed by the multi-talented French … Continue reading

Not everything is bling, bling in Texas

I was recently looking for a coffee table to spec on a project and happened to get a mailer from a resource in Dallas.  I went into their website fearing big, bold, and BLING! and was more than pleasantly surprised.  … Continue reading