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gerrit dou’s “sleeping beauty”

One of the many masterpieces I had the honor to inspect and handle first hand as an art specialist, was this sublime painting by the 17th century Dutch artist Gerrit Dou, the first of the group of artists known as … Continue reading

Alice in wonderland

Claude Lalanne (b. 1925) like her very talented late husband Francois-Xavier Lalanne (1927-2008), is one of these artists living today with extraordinary imagination, ingenuity  and style that has captivated today’s important collectors and cultivated designers. A choice pick because of … Continue reading

what could you do @ 24?

photo credit © LG In the lexicon of todays art world “Old Master Paintings” deal with Western Art from the High Middle Ages (c.1300) until the early 19th century.  They are the basis of our visual cultural heritage. One of … Continue reading

riding shotgun with richard prince and mark rothko

With a quick glance, one can easily confuse this wonderful piece of art as a Mark Rothko.  Like Rothko’s immediately recognized canvasses, this is an expansive painting of banded rectangular blocks with a sensitive attention to color and proportion.  However, … Continue reading