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barry friedman at christie’s: high-end contemporary design for sale


Barry Friedman, one of New York’s premier modern design dealers is retiring and selling part of his extensive contemporary design collection of furniture and art at Christie’s New York over the course of three days starting tomorrow 25 March 2014. … Continue reading

viscount linley makes your home a castle

David Linley may be known to most as the son of the late Princess Margaret of England, but in the interior design world he is also a superstar designer in his own right, designing bespoke furnishings and the source of … Continue reading

body painting + fire = Yves Klein’s FC-1

Today, for an artist to produce a finished work without having touched it is more common than you think.  But back in the very early 1960s, it was very much a novelty being explored by the French artist Yves Klein … Continue reading

A Dutch dandy

A painter is normally faced with deciding what medium to use.  Today there are countless mediums, but in the early 17th century, only a few were acceptable to the rich collecting patrons: panel, canvas, copper and perhaps slate.  Of these, … Continue reading

the superb luxury of emile-jacques ruhlmann

One of the first places I turn for inspiration every time I have the opportunity and the client has the wallet, is to the Art Deco period, particularly as manifested in France. Paris, which has boasted an unrivalled tradition of … Continue reading

Elizabeth Taylor’s "la peregrina"

In the jewelry world, certain stones and gems are so unique and preciously rare that they are known by name … the Hope Diamond, the Star of Africa, and La Peregrina.  La Peregrina, Spanish for “the wanderer”, … oh the places … Continue reading

Reality according to Richter

Although Gerhard Richter’s photo-paintings are among his earliest works of art, I first took careful notice of them in the Spring of 2009 when the National Portrait Gallery in London organized an exhibition of Richter’s Portraits.  But what were they? … Continue reading