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china’s hawaii: sanya on hainan island


Across Vietnam’s Halong Bay and south of mainland China lies a small piece of paradise now being called “China’s Hawaii” – the tropical enclave of Sanya on Hainan Island that boasts of having year-long summers and some of the cleanest … Continue reading

exquisite classical chinese furniture at sotheby’s

Classical Chinese furniture – simple, clean with geometric lines and graceful curves – has been the rage in China since at least the 16th century.  The same descriptions can also be noted for the Art Deco and modern furniture I … Continue reading

spiraling above the Canadian flatlands

We tend to think of innovative skyscrapers as being where the money is … namely Asia and the Middle East.  Skyscrapers in the West are scarcely built these days and if they are, they are efficiently built as rectilinear boxes … Continue reading

the coolest chair ever ….

I was recently in Washington DC pitching for a project and when I finished, I bee-lined it to Industry Gallery,  a 21st century international design gallery whose focus is to showcase young and innovative designers and artists using modern, industrial … Continue reading