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daybed, chaise longue or chaise lounge? you decide!

What’s the difference between daybed, chaise longue or chaise lounge, three terms readily intermingled in the trade? Technically, a daybed, is a flat surface that allows your body to lie horizontal.  A chaise longue was developed in the 17thcentury as … Continue reading

design maestro robert stadler and carpenters workshop gallery: furniture that truly is “the bomb”

Austrian-born but Paris-based designer Robert Stadler is at it again.  Last year I wrote about his beautiful exercise stool and today, I’m going back to him for a look at his humorous and ergonomically designed bomb furniture. When it comes … Continue reading

from spain: aggaro’s modern senns chaise longue

Marrying the beauty of art with the functionality of everyday furniture is not an easy task. One design group making waves is Spain’s Aggaro, a studio in the town of Vigo, across the border from northern Portugal and not far … Continue reading

one rockin’ chaise

This sublimely beautiful rocker comes to us from Greg and Roché Dry, the eccentricly chic designers from Botha’s Hill, an enclave west of Durban in South Africa.  It’s amazing to me how great design can be found in the smallest … Continue reading

A passage from India

The British Raj.  The name conjures images of elephants and deliciously colored turbaned servants bringing tea and whiskeys to the genteel sahibs and memsahibs of another era.  India was the jewel in Britain’s Imperial crown (sorry, Canada, but it’s true), … Continue reading

A Stitchin’ Design

I’m always intrigued when something with impeccable design comes to market.  The reason is very simple:  it is exceptionally difficult to come up with something new, especially if it is a chair or related piece of furniture.  If you add … Continue reading