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phillip lloyd powell – a forgotten member of the american studio movement

Phillip Lloyd Powell (1919-2008) was a little known American furniture maker who frankly needs better PR!  His work is beautiful and modern, and it’s a shame he isn’t nearly as well known as his close American “studio movement” contemporaries Paul … Continue reading

kooky to some, the “sol” chair is simply stylish and fun

Known for their “kooky glam” works, the Spanish Design studio of John Tomjoe has designed the newly launched “Sol” chair.  Probably the least of their “kooky” creations, I think this chair rocks.  Upholstered in Kravet’s “Jerry” fabric it’s a fun … Continue reading

design maestro robert stadler and carpenters workshop gallery: furniture that truly is “the bomb”

Austrian-born but Paris-based designer Robert Stadler is at it again.  Last year I wrote about his beautiful exercise stool and today, I’m going back to him for a look at his humorous and ergonomically designed bomb furniture. When it comes … Continue reading

fast forward 60s futurism: the series 1-2-3 panton chair for today

There is a timelessness to mid-20th century Danish design that still makes it so appealing today.  But unlike Arne Jacobsen and Hans Wegner who came before him, Verner Panton (1926-1998) made his mark in the 1960s and 1970s.  One of … Continue reading

do you know … Robin Day?

What if I told you today’s featured designer produced one of the world’s most popular chairs – so popular in fact, that more than 20 million and counting have been made – could you guess his name? Robin Day (1915-2010), … Continue reading

three times the possibilities: Matthias Demacker’s Mid-century vibe

I have just finished specifying a dining room renovation in an apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West side where the client has midcentury tastes but because of rambunctious children, is not interested in spending money on midcentury design.  Lucky for them, … Continue reading

chairs with a midcentury Scandi-Italo look

Finding contemporary dining chairs with a midcentury feel is not an easy task as I recently found out while on the hunt for a set. And so when I bumped into these lovelies by Marconato and Zappa for Italian firm, … Continue reading