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A century of fashion and glamour come together in the works of Paul César Helleu and Cathleen Naundorf

Professionally I enjoy supporting friends, especially those who are talented, honest and who have been particularly kind like Blanca Bernheimer, a friend and colleague from a previous chapter in life.  So last Wednesday I stopped by Trinity House Paintings, a … Continue reading

brooke astor’s world @ sotheby’s

Every few years the big auction houses will score a really great estate, and from the 24-25 September, Sotheby’s New York will be selling property from the estate of the late doyenne of American society, Mrs. Brooke Astor.  These sales … Continue reading

the calligraphic impasto of James Hayward

I was recently offered a marvelous painting by James Hayward (American, b. 1943) for one of my clients and I immediately started drooling – mind you, not for the asking price, but for the rich, lathery, scrummy impasto of the … Continue reading

Pablo Atchugarry, the latin Pygmalion

These days, anything can be called art.  An “artist” will tie-up a pair of fuchsia patent leather shoes with an electric chord, throw baby iguana dung on them and perch the whole thing over a gold coat rack and call … Continue reading

Edward Burtynsky’s haunting landscapes

I’ve known of Burtynsky’s monumental photographs for over 10 years and while I could appreciate the mastery and detail of the resulting images, I was honestly not moved one way or another by his work… or so I thought.  It … Continue reading

Do you know Murano’s merletto?

Venice.  The name connotes all things beautiful, delicious and decadent, so it’s no surprise that some of the most sought after glass in the world comes from one of the islands in the lagoon: Murano.  It is also no secret … Continue reading

Futurism revived in the work of Salomé de Fontainieu

I couldn’t help thinking of Gino Severini, Umberto Boccioni and the rest of the Italian Futurists when I saw this piece at the Galerie Diane de Polignac in Paris.  Made of brass and striking a balance between sculpture and object, … Continue reading