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with a superb array of art, the international fair in new york opened last night

The art and design social calendar starts in New York every Fall with Anna and Brian Haughton’s International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show exhibiting some of the most exciting works of art for sale today.  So it was a great … Continue reading

Photographer Nadav Kander’s haunting Chinese landscapes

Photography is an amazing art form.   A superb image can draw you in and take you to new places and experiences, all through the eyes of the artist.  My latest “voyage” took me with Israeli artist Nadav Kander down the … Continue reading

Collecting the ever so chic jewelry and glass objects from Lalique

One of today’s most iconic luxury brands is the French House of Lalique, founded at the end of the 19th century by artist RenĂ© Lalique.  At the beginning, the business was focused on wonderfully imaginative jewelry that captivated the rich … Continue reading

deconstructing the past with bouke de vries: ceramic restoration as art

One relatively new artist who understands “creation” in a different way than most of us is the ever so peculiar (and I mean this in the very best of ways) London-based, Dutch-born Bouke de Vries who after studying design and working for … Continue reading

purity of line in the porcelain ceramics of henk wolvers

I was first introduced to the work of Dutch ceramic artist Henk Wolvers during a brief visit to the Flow Gallery in Notting Hill, London. From the images, you can see why his striking, paper-thin, geometric abstract vessels stopped me … Continue reading

Centrale Elettrica Montemartini – where classic Roman sculpture meets our modern archaeological artifacts

It is said that Stendal, the French romantic author of the early 19th century, noted that Rome was an extraordinary city because 1/3 of its population were women, 1/3 priests and the rest antique statuary.  Percentages may have changed, but … Continue reading

chinese artist wang guangle, a contemporary art darling

Born in 1976 and graduating only in 2000 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Wang Guangle is one of China’s contemporary art darlings… and rightly so. His work is fresh, original, holds it own and is international, … Continue reading