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Marabou’s modern sculpture collection goes up for sale in Sweden

I never got to see the famed Marabou Collection of sculpture en situ during my years at Christie’s, but fortunately for a few collectors, the collection was put up for sale and offered by Stockholm’s Bukowski’s auction house last month. … Continue reading

Francis Bacon’s anguished Pope Innocent X at Sotheby’s: talk about art with wall power

Pictures of Popes and Cardinals can be a difficult sell.  While these were prevalent in the centuries prior to the 20th, I wouldn’t say they are popular with today’s artists or art-buying crowd.  So what’s all the fuss about a … Continue reading

a movie still of 1880s Parisian street life – the work of French artist Jean Béraud

While we often think of the work of the Impressionists in the second half to the 19th century, there were more realistic painters and many of these had a huge following. One such artist was Jean BĂ©raud (1849-1935) whose work … Continue reading

with a superb array of art, the international fair in new york opened last night

The art and design social calendar starts in New York every Fall with Anna and Brian Haughton’s International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show exhibiting some of the most exciting works of art for sale today.  So it was a great … Continue reading

Photographer Nadav Kander’s haunting Chinese landscapes

Photography is an amazing art form.   A superb image can draw you in and take you to new places and experiences, all through the eyes of the artist.  My latest “voyage” took me with Israeli artist Nadav Kander down the … Continue reading

deconstructing the past with bouke de vries: ceramic restoration as art

One relatively new artist who understands “creation” in a different way than most of us is the ever so peculiar (and I mean this in the very best of ways) London-based, Dutch-born Bouke de Vries who after studying design and working for … Continue reading

Martino Gamper: reconfiguring recycled objects into functional art

Known for his Exhibitions “100 Chairs in 100 days” of 2007 and “7 Chairs in 7 Days” of 2010,  (some examples above) Italian-born but London-based, artist/designer Martino Gamper (b. 1971) is one master recycler, incorporating into his reconfigurations anything from discarded … Continue reading