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richard rabel: decorating a pre-war penthouse in manhattan (details)

I recently finished a complete renovation of a pre-war penthouse in Manhattan for an art collecting couple with dissimilar tastes.  One has a more modern aesthetic, while the other is more traditional (isn’t this almost always the case!).  In what … Continue reading

in vulcan’s forge: extraordinary pieces from parisian designer christophe côme

In a post earlier in the year, I marveled at the wonderful loukoum lamps by Paris-based artist and designer Christophe CĂ´me and purposefully omitted his other furniture because he is one designer that deserves, at minimum, the recognition of another … Continue reading

French Art Deco through the eyes of Parisian designer Damien Langlois-Meurinne

It’s easier to copy a furniture piece than to reimagine one but my colleague Damien Langlois-Meurinne has superbly done the latter with this elegant, sleek and glam, 1930s Art Deco inspired sofa he designed for SĂ©. While I’m not a … Continue reading

Running circles around Ruhlmann’s design: the art deco’s master’s carpet

I’ve talked about my love of Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann’s furniture in the past, but today I bring you a different element of his repertoire being offered at Sotheby’s New York.  A carpet! Cercles et Ondes, was designed by Ruhlmann’s studios and … Continue reading

art deco style for the tabletop: Georg Jensen’s bling

Wearing my art advisor cap, I often encourage my clients to buy decorative arts that have a use.  As an example, this pair of beautiful  art nouveau / art deco  open silver salts by Scandinavian designer Georg Jensen can readily be … Continue reading

guest blogging @ high end weekly

Shanghai: the Art Deco pearl of Asia Recently I was asked by the ever so chic Vyna St. Phard of High End Weekly to write something for her publication and as I have a romantic fascination with Art Deco and … Continue reading

The perfect desk object: a 1920s Cartier clock

It used to be that a desk could be filled with great decorative objects – think a silver inkstand, a magnifying glass with a horn handle, and that perfectly worn globe. And then the computer arrived and overtook the desk space banishing everything … Continue reading