sybaritic travels: Brazil’s Txai Resort

When Mother Nature doesn’t want to cooperate, there is nothing one can do.  You just go with the flow, so during a project trip to Brasil in January 2011, at the recommendation of my client, I booked some R&R at the Txai Resort.  North of Rio and on the coast of the state of Bahia, south of Salvador, the resort is hidden in the surfing town of Itacaré.
It’s the place where the truly indiscriminate Paulistas (the name given to those from Sao Paulo) go to disconnect from it all … even from their very own kind …  if you know what I mean.  It’s a place where all pretention is left behind because one is there to enjoy nature, the gastronomical food and the fabulous weather.  It’s a place to collect one’s thoughts and to let yourself be in the natural world that surrounds you.  Just what I like!!!
But as luck would have it, during my time in Sao Paulo, horrendous and deadly rains and mudslides affected the area and before getting to Txai, I hesitantly cancelled my stay there and ended in Rio cloistered in my hotel room at the Fasano … not bad, but not Txai either!
So here I leave you with some wishful images of the paradise that is TxaiTalvez eu vou ver você lá.
image credits: Txai Resort, Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil
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