Sybaritic expressions in stoneware

Flemish born ceramist Henri Simmen was an established and well known artist in 1920s France.   After a very influential stint in the Far East, Simmen returned to Paris where he began producing his instantly recognizable hand modeled pieces in monochrome glazes.  His Japanese wife, Eugénie O’Kin, worked with Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann, the pre-eminent furniture designer, in fitting pieces of ivory and other rare materials to his fine furniture.  Lucky for us, she also cooperated with her husband, and as a result, they jointly produced infinitely chic and delicate pieces like the exquisite stoneware pots above with their restrained carved ivory tops and rare red coral garnish … by themselves, a perfect and understated detail in any contemporary modernist interior.
Photo via AD for Gallery Vallois, Paris and New York