Switzerland: a small hotel with diminutive rooms in the Alps (3/5)

May I introduce the PodHotel Flims, a tiny modern design hotel with its cozy cabins measuring approx. 29 square meters | 312 square feet.

Snuggled in a gorgeous valley on the road between Lugano and the border with Lichtenstein, and a stone throw away from St. Moritz and Klosters, is the quaint and unpretentious German-speaking town of Flims, a paradise for real aficionados of powder snow and of the beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes that surrounds the hamlet.

I realize it may not be for everybody, not even for those souls that prefer glamping to camping, but staying here really puts you in touch with nature and forces you to disconnect from your I-phone and I-pad.  Ahhh – soak in the fresh air my friends. You will thank me later!

image credits: Camping Flims and Podhouse, Switzerland