summer living week – Your very own mural

So in previous posts, I’ve recommended a line of wall stencils and wall paper which have worked very well in past projects. Although I have not used it (but plan on doing so with the right project because it is a fab idea), the mega mural is another alternative to paint and traditional wall paper … a photograph made EXACTLY to the dimensions of your wall or ceiling and installed like wall paper.

For example, I’ve seen an amazing black and white photo of the Creation of Man by Michelangelo (zooming into the hands and forearms of God and Adam) made into a treatment to cover the entire ceiling of a room, or you could have a vintage view of Manhattan or image of a dashing 1960s Aston Martin for a wall in a kitchen or study.  The right photo could really make a room sing.
The purveyors, London-based Surface View, have a line of file photographs they can use or you can submit your own.  I for one love the peace and tranquility of a summer evening on a hammock, looking at the sky through the rustling leaves of a tree as a slight breeze falls over me. Capturing this moment and replicating the sight (although unfortunately not the sound) in the right place would be very therapeutic!
photo credit: Surface View