summer living week – multiple faces of …

Back in the Fall, a good friend brought me from Kenya a rich, colorful and stunning piece of cotton cloth … not quite the size of a kitchen towel, but not quite the size of a beach towel either … 72 x 40 in. | 183 x 102 cm.   The material was very, very beautiful and of rich masculine colors but what to really do with it?  The weather started getting colder and the days grayer and so one day I decided winter needed more color and decided to use this present as an oversized scarf … and it was a hit on the streets!

Recently, another unrelated dear friend, told me about the foutas from Tunisia.  Used as a blanket, towel, throw or table cloth these very cool and colorful accessories were exactly the same size (but more “westernized” in colors) than my Kenyan present.  And so I had a moment of revelation … my cotton cloth from Kenya is actually a fouta!
Fouta Lifestyle is a purveyor of these curious and multi-use linens.  Check them out … they may get you out of trouble if you can’t find your table cloth or you don’t want to carry a heavy towel to the beach, or if you need a summery stylish throw on the linen couch, or want a light cotton scarf to finish off your “look”. Who knows what else you can do with these beautiful linens!
Any other domestic uses for the fouta you can think of?
image credit: Fouta Lifestyle