summer living week – all grown up

I spent many lazy summers in my early teens around my grandfather, aunt and cousins in Texas. One thing about Texas in the summer is that it’s hot, hot, hot and so something I remember fondly about those days was getting together before dinner and lounging under a mesquite tree in yellow, canvas-covered butterfly chairs while the invisible cicadas filled the warm air with their annoying and incessant mating calls … only Texans will know what I mean!

So it was a surprise to find that recently, Urban Outfitters of all brands, introduced a well-made, grown-up, dolled-up version of the same fold-up chair for cool but budget-minded interiors.  Perhaps not for the Queen of England, but for US$199.00 you can’t go wrong with this chair for extra or “permanent” stylish seating … and believe me, nobody will guess the price!
image credit: Urban Outfitters