summer living week – A fork was just a fork…

until Christofle, the famed Parisian silversmiths, got their hands on it.  It is virtually impossible to make something new and exciting when it has been in daily use for over 400 years, but that is exactly what Christofle has done with their new flatware line Jardin d’Eden.

Designed by Marcel Wanders, it’s a little Louis XIV meets Jean-Paul Gaultier meets Rick Genest.  The magical decoration covers the entire surface of the spoon, fork and even the knife blade – like a head-to-toe tattoo.  A great modern take on a classic design!
This pattern is available only in limited pieces and only in silverplate for about $110 per piece.  Perfect for that picnic lunch at the Boulogne with my friend Lady Gaga!
image credit: Christofle