summer living series – fabulous hotels – Hong Kong

I’ve had the luxury and perhaps the good fortune of travelling all over the world and I’ve stayed in many exceptional hotels.  What I cannot stand, regardless of price or ranking, is a hotel that has no identity, no soul; a place that could as easily be in Buenos Aires, Auckland or London.  With this said, this week’s hotels are FABULOUS.  Most I have patronized and would do so many times over. They wreak local essence, all while accommodating a modern aesthetic and top rated service.
Hong Kong has a special place in my heart as it was the first city in Asia I ever visited and as it later turned out, a city I would spend time working in.  Its exotic allure was (and still is) the elegant tension between its Chinese and Eastern heritage and the traditions of its colonial past.
Few hotels in Hong Kong have the tradition of the grand dame Mandarin Oriental Hotel.  What I love about this place is that after a seven year renovation, the hotel still embraces its culture and past in a modern and sophisticated way.  By placing an eye on details, the hotel offers its guest a modern experience with a touch of Chinese refinement.Image Credit: Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong