summer living series – fabulous hotels – Bhutan

A Bhutan holiday is not for those looking to discover the latest club or a famed Michelin restaurant.  It is a holiday for a respite from modern life. The BuddhistKingdom is infused with peaceful religious tradition where unhurried walks in the Himalayas or delicious unpretentious meals can be had while taking in some of the most magnificent views of nature anywhere in the world. It’s a place where only several thousand foreign tourists are allowed in every year.

The Uma Paro Hotel is one of only 2-3 luxury hotels in the Kingdom.  The serene atmosphere of the place, nestled in the mountains offering a stupendous view of the great valley, is simple but VERY sophisticated.  Everybody is pleasant, everybody greats you with respect and you don’t get the sense anybody has an agenda … they are there to support YOUR agenda, which is refreshing for a change. And in a place like this, the only agenda is to relax and to momentarily disconnect from the buzz you left back home.