“summer living series – fabulous escapes – The Orient Express

In 1883, the world of overnight train travel gained a new alternative that introduced such luxury that well over 100 years later, the name still conjures images of diamond dripping dowagers and well-heeled tuxedo clad dandies travelling across Europe.  It was the introduction of the now legendary Orient Express.
Today, travelling on the train remains a luxury and is indeed still a fabulous voyage recalling the romance of the 1920s and 1930s, at a time when train travel was literally the only way to move from country to country.  And although the flight from London to Venice is a mere 3 hours, why not spend 2 days on the rails?  Dinner in the French countryside and breakfast in the Italian Alps are well worth the trip … and at least you won’t have to deal with airport security and lost luggage!
Image credit: Orient Express