stylish kitchen fixtures from germany’s blanco

Blanco-modern-sink-main-themodernsybariteIf the kitchen is the heart of the home, then it’s safe to say that Blanco, the German manufacturer of kitchen fixtures, has the perfect sinks and faucets to keep it beating and thriving.  Family owned since 1925, Blanco provides discerning clients with the highest quality, most elegant and well designed kitchen fittings out there.  I was recently lucky enough to have a private tour of their showroom and want to share some of their knockout work.


An often overlooked part of kitchen design, the sink is an integral part of the kitchen and should be given as much attention as the cabinets and appliances.  I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t have the foggiest idea that there were sooooooo many options available out there.  I usually think the biggest questions to ask a client are do they want single or double basins and under mounted or traditional style? Done (OK, not really, but pretty much).  But luckily, that is just not the case at Blanco.  They have so many configurations and shapes and sizes that your kitchen doesn’t have to look like your neighbors anymore.  One type of sink that caught my eye is made from Silgranit – a product that effortlessly brings style to your kitchen.  It is a granite composite that gives a stone-like feel and is available in several colors so that your sink can be customized to match your counters, rather than match your stainless steel appliances!  Silgranit is scratch, stain and heat resistant and also uses a patented HYGIENIC+PLUS technology that shields against dirt and bacteria growth in the kitchen.



Blanco has also designed a great looking line of kitchen faucets to go along with their sinks.  They are attractive and built to take the wear and tear that daily use brings.  I personally love the ALTA, which has a contemporary feel with its polished angles.  And in the complete opposite tradition, the GRACE II has an elegant swan-like neck for a more traditional look.  Each has a pull out or pull down sprayer incorporated into the design that eliminates useless clutter at the sink.  There are also a variety of colors and finishes so that the faucets will work in every home.



Blanco is not a readily recognizable name in America – but that’s changing.  Their quality and design speak for themselves and will ensure that your kitchen will be the envy of your friends and neighbors.  And there is something for every budget in their kitchen fixtures, so I urge you to consider them and bring great design to your next kitchen!




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