straw marquetry chic in the works of violeta galan

straw marquetry drinks cabinet closed violeta galan

Today’s object of desire is the striking, straw marquetry inlayed, Revelry drinks cabinet by Violeta Galan for London firm Lawson Robb. The firm commissioned the Romanian born artist to create this fantastic piece of shimmering chic.

To me straw marquetry looks like feathers on tropical birds – like the ones once used on magnificent Aztec royal cloaks. In this case, rather than bright greens and reds, the colors for this cabinet are cool and subdued.


straw marquetry drinks cabinet violeta galan

Because each piece is made to order, the colors and pattern of the straw marquetry can be customized to exact specifications. I love artists and artisans who will work with me to collaborate on great statement pieces for a client. A piece like this can awaken an entire room and take it to over-the-top sublime. And it doesn’t have to be a huge piece. Take a look at the chic straw marquetry side table below!


straw marquetry table violeta galan

Galan and her studio take mid century silhouettes and forms and make bespoke creations by giving the age-old technique of straw marquetry a distinctively new spin. Colors and bold geometric patterns make for pieces that are easily blended into chic modern interiors. When there are really great unique pieces of furniture out there, why would anyone buy a reproduction?

Richard Rabel is a New York Interior Designer and Principal at Richard Rabel Interiors+ Art Ltd., a studio offering residential design, decorating and art advising.

image credits: straw marquetry: Violeta Galan, London.