storage motion is a storage system on the move … for your home

Two weeks ago I spotted a motorized storage system at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York.  Storage Motion, Inc., co-founded by Tina and Kurt Krohn of North Carolina, is an outfit providing motor driven storage solutions for your food, shoes and clothes.  The shelves come to you rather than you getting a footstool to get to them. What?

Indeed, the Krohns have invented an electric vertical carrousel, designed to be installed in an existing cabinet or closet and trimmed to match existing wood doors or paint colors.  For someone like me, the great thing about this invention is that these systems can be customizable as well; using higher end finishes for higher end projects.
The applications are endless: hospitals, rehab facilities, restaurants, residences, yachts, private planes … and the list goes on! How many times have you found a pair of shoes at the back of a closet that you forgot you had bought years ago – or worse when you find that bag of cookies from 1993!  So whether you have too much stuff and need a place to fit it all, or you have tall cabinets you need to access, or you need to vertically expand to take advantage of the space above your existing cabinets, this product is one way to resolve the problem.
Some applications include:
Storing food in a pantry or wine in a cellar,
Storing shoes in a closet, storing your hanging wardrobe, storing in a secret compartmentdrop-down compartment(s) – for example, if you need to build a soffit in a room to consolidate the aesthetic, you can also turn it into storage (click on each example to see a very brief video, which is better than a still image).
So many applications for home automation have been recently hitting the market.  Last year I wrote about a new type of murphy bed for the 21st century.  It’s all quite exciting and a great way to add something extra special to your signature interiors.
image and video credits: StorageMotion, Inc., North Carolina