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Stillfried Wien may sound like a scrumptious plate of Austrian schnitzel, which it’s not and may sound like its something located in Vienna, which it’s also not.  The brain child of lovely Viennese duo Anna and Michael Trubrig, Stillfried Wien is a new store in Soho focusing on a mix of high-end modern design and traditional (vintage) craftsmanship from the German speaking countries in Europe, specifically Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Generally, my aesthetic is more sympathetic to other areas of the world, but that is frankly just due to a lack of exposure.  Stillfried Wien has a number of home furnishing that I could easily combine when decorating a modern space.  Below I tease you with some of my favorites:



I wrote about the art objects by Carl Aubock on a previous post and at Stillfried Wien, they have the best selection I’ve seen in the United States.  Modern and bronze go hand in hand and there is no better decorative article than to have Aubock on your bookshelf or on your desk.  The pieces are chic beyond words.



This precious sterling silver and gemstone ice bucket (that can easily sit in for a sculpture on a table) was designed by Edward Tuttle in 2012 and made by the Wiener Silber Manufactur.  Move over Puiforcat!



The Birka daybed of oak and steel designed by Markus Pernhaupt is the perfect addition to a Tribeca loft (or my tiny UWS apartment)!  The tension between the hard and soft materials makes for an interesting and comfortable piece.



The floor, table and pendant lamps by Michael Anastassiades, one of my favorite lighting designers, need no introduction.  They’re IT if you’re putting together hip, contemporary spaces.  It’s hard to capture the lamps in a photo but trust me – they’re spectacular!



The quality of furniture from Team7 ranks with the very, very best.  No cheap “wood” veneers.  These pieces are from hardwoods sourced from controlled sustainable forests and are SOLID.  We tend to not appreciate this in the US because so much of our world is fabricated with a veneer.  It’s not until you face the real stuff that you realize the beauty of hardwood.  Besides this fact, their Flaye extendable table is outstanding.  It creatively goes from seating 4-6 to 8-10 without breaking a sweat.  I’m telling you, even your tween could open this up with their pinky in a snap.



I’ve long considered the Austrians the “German Latins”, meaning that like Latins anywhere else, they’re a very warm and friendly bunch.  Case in point, as I wondered through the newly opened emporium, Anna gracefully asked me if I wanted to try their Austria Punsch.  Now tell me, where else in Soho do you get home made punch and modern design in the middle of the day?  Now you know – with the good peeps of Stillfried Wien!

Note: Certainly a couple to be admired and another reason to pay them a visit, the Trubrigs exemplify entrepreneurship to the core.  Having visited New York a number of times for holidays and quick business trips in their previous lives, the couple decided to pick up and move with their small children from Vienna to the Big Apple to set shop.  Talk about gumption!  I wish them a very successful venture.


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