steven gambrel: a virtuoso interior designer at work

People continuously ask me who my favorite interior designer is and while I don’t have just one, New York-based Steven Gambrel is certainly always on my list of design gurus with a 21st century aesthetic and sensibility that I adore.  Look at these amazing rooms – need I say more?

His success stems from his graceful sense and effortless mix of period styles, objects and art into a final whole where there is absolutely no doubt to the viewer that it always belonged together.  His focus on shapes, colors and textures in the elements of an interior, whether the architecture of the walls or the tiny vase at the bedside, is fascinatingly well calculated and fun.  At the same time, his spaces are not stuffy and I for one can easily see myself chatting with friends in the aubergine-colored chairs in the living room above or having a great birthday party for my mother in the stylish dining room below.  He is unmistakably a top master at his craft!
image credit: © S.R. Gambrel
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