stalactites and stalagmites 4 the home

This is one bookcase like you’ve never seen before. Introduced during Milan Design Week, this modular bookcase/display/storage space is by Daniele Lago for Italian firm Lago Studio.  You may recall I wrote about them when I introduced the deliciously colorful Lastika Chair.  Lago Studio goes about designing in a very clever way and if you’d like to revisit this previous short post, click here.

The Weightless shelving modular station has many applications including that of a room separator.  But rather than a full-on ceiling to floor shelving unit that can feel gargantuan and visually heavy, the unit has many variations.  You can have the unit anchored to the floor with nothing above OR you can hang it from the ceiling with nothing below (last image) OR you can do both (first and second images), creating a very cool visual effect between the top and bottom.
Why is it that Italians are the ones to think and bring a simple idea like this to market?  Bravo for them!
image credits: Lago Studio, Padua
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