slipping into something more colorful

It’s not always about serious design.  In my view it’s about well made design even if it has a mischievous side to it.

Several months back I looked into the humorous but quite comfortable Bold chairs designed by the creative, original and intelligent Swiss design studio Big Game.  The chairs are made of tubular steel with a polyurethane foam and fabric “slip cover” that allows you to switch colors in the blink of an eye.  They can certainly loosen up even the most classic interior!
The chairs are marketed by Sleek Identity, a French based on-line boutique that offers modern furnishing from up-and-coming designers from around Europe whom the owner personally investigates and selects.  These chairs are 15.3 wide x 21 deep x 30.5 in. high (39 x 53 x 77.5 cm.) and come in purple, pink, dark grey, light grey (image below), yellow, black and navy blue. At US$651.00 each, they’re not too terribly expensive.
image credit: Sleek Identity