Sleigh Beds – luxurious sleeping through the ages

The Napoleonic age of the early 19th century incorporated neoclassical design into all aspects of life, from fashion to furnishings.  Naturally this included bed design and from this sprung what we know today as the sleigh bed; a design that cocoons the occupant between a stylized headboard and footboard to give the appearance of sleeping in a sleigh.
But while these designs have been tweeked for the 21stcentury and are quite elegant, today’s hip way of luxury living is partial to a more streamlined, unfussy and clean environment.  Enter the Italian-born architect Pierangelo Sciuto, designer of the Aqua bed, a type of stylized sleigh bed for the new century.  The lines are sleek and elegant and rather than having the feeling of being on a sleigh, one gets the feeling of being on a ski, ready to make your jump from the top of Breuil Cervina. How obsessively luxurious is this!
image credits: (top) Ralph Lauren Home; (middle and bottom) ddc.  Re-print. First published 28-9-2011 as a contributing feature to another blog.
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