simple nobility from Spain: the Malena chair

We all tend to look to the US, UK, France, Italy and Scandinavia for design inspiration.  But there is one place that has an enormous pool of talented furniture designers we often overlook: Spain.  Today my focus is on the design of the Malena chair by the increiblemente talentoso Basque designer Jon Gasca for Stua, his family’s firm.

In its modernist approach, the design of the chair is incredibly refreshing.  LOVE the lightness and elegance of the simple framework and the ever so slightly arched back.  So many chairs are to be seen from the front or their side.  This is one case, where the back is almost more interesting than the front!!!  All 4 legs of the armchair are detailed with a matte aluminum sabot and the front legs have a set of rubber castors for easy mobilization. All in all, a super appealing chair.
Like most chairs it comes in several woods, finishes and upholstery alternatives.  While introducing it in a room with other pre-1940s type of furniture may be a challenge, the  Malena works terrific with most types of mid-century, modern and contemporary kit.
image credit: Stua. The chairs are also sold in the US through Design Within Reach.
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