should british furniture design be in the hands of Lee Broom? I say yes!

What do you get when you mix Lee Broom, a young superstar British designer and Deadgood, the pop up online retailer bringing exciting fresh furniture and products to an adoring worldwide audience?  You get an amazing sideboard that marries great design with quality craftsmanship.

In Broom’s short career (he founded his business only 5 years ago), he has already racked up a list of awards and accolades and has press fawning over him, noting “Lee Broom is to furniture what Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford are to fashion” (hopefully it hasn’t gone to his head!).  Interestingly enough, Broom started out in theater school and then won a fashion design competition that led him to work for Vivienne Westwood.  How that path brought him to furniture and design, I don’t know, but I’m sure glad he’s working for us now!


Using the herringbone pattern found in traditional parquet floors, Broom takes a familiar image and turns it on its head to create a sleek new sideboard perfect for a contemporary home.  The satin-finished walnut curves gracefully at each end and provides a row of flush doors to keep clutter out of sight.  The polished brass top brings just the right amount of bling to a room.  I know a sideboard like this is designed for the dining room, and it would be a great accent to that space, but I could also see this piece in a living room used under a wall mounted TV, or in a long entry hall with a mirror above.  Something this beautiful shouldn’t be hidden away waiting for a dinner party!  Thank you Lee Broom.

richard rabel
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image credits: Lee Broom, London