shimmering contemporary italian pendant lights

Hidden in the southern neighborhoods of Milan is a gem of a lighting showroom that every designer should know.  For here live the sparkling creations of Lolli e Memmoli.  Designers of luxuriously organic modern chandeliers, their creations dazzle upon entry to this cavern.  All the work is still done by hand which means that no two chandeliers are exactly alike.  For buyers, this also means that they can custom build to fit to any shape or size.

The “Ugolino” light pendant reminds me of lush hanging planters, but instead of trailing foliage, you have icicles of dripping crystals.  When lit they sparkle and shimmer and even with the lightest breeze they produce a fabulous ring – like wind chimes.
The beauty of this contemporary chandelier is that even when not lit, the gradations and shades produced by the crystals give an interesting look to the piece – a rare feat in the world of lighting design where darkened light fixtures are often drab and simply dead space.  I love this piece above a dining table as shown, but could also picture a string of smaller chandeliers lining a long hallway.  But what I really dig is the high, low tension in placing one of these in an industrial interior. It makes for an unexpected (yet welcome) statement of taste.

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image credits: Lolli e Memmoli, Milan