Shelving for the modern home

If you’re buying stand alone bookshelves, there is no excuse to buy the run of the mill, vanilla bookshelves.  Who cares if they fit more books, it’s about the look, right?!

Think outside the box and use bookshelves as furniture to frame your objects for maximum impact (books, chochkis, etc.) and to do so, consider fancy units with geometric grids or linear planes.  These pieces can help with the architecture of a space by acting as dividers to separate rooms or to form wall displays. I particularly love Particle Shelving by Japanese designer Shin Azumi for London-based Case Furniture (above) and the Legend oak bookcase by Christophe Delcourt for French über-furniture store Roche-Bobois (below). They singularly make for interesting pieces that will inject dynamism to any boring room.


image credit: (top) Shin Azumi for Case Furniture; (bottom) Christophe Delcourt for Roche Bobois