Shawn Henderson’s balanced and well-appointed modern space

Coming from a specialization in art and design and therefore relatively new at putting spaces together for clients, my eye tends to find solace in the designs of talented young colleagues with a fresh outlook on interior design who are mastering their craft by creating really beautiful spaces.  One of these designers is New York-based Shawn Henderson whose client’s New York living space is featured above.

Aside from minor modifications (you never get 2 designers to agree on everything!), the space above is brilliant.  It is fresh, modern and very stylish.  It is cozy without being stuffy, cool without being pretentious, and “lived-in” without being all tchotchkied-up.
One of the ways Shawn achieves this “feeling” is by layering and combining different materials and textures. If you notice, there is a large area rug that covers the entire living space and then on top of that, different small area rugs that help define and delimit separate spaces. Each sofa is covered in completely different fabrics, which also give the space a more “cozy” and liveable feeling.  Well, I could go on and on but I can’t give away all the secrets of the Trade!
image credit: © Shawn Henderson