sculptural bronze hardware for your doors from serie rare, paris


Frenchman Daniel Podva is behind the super chic designs of Serie Rare, a Parisian Left Bank gallery of high-end bronze hardware for the home – door handles, drawer knobs, backplates and sconces.  These are precisely the type of artful and exquisite hardware designs that a furniture designer like Ruhlmann or a sybaritic decorator like David Collins would utilize had they still been around today.



I love the fact that they have an artisanal quality to them – they aren’t just another set you ordered from the local high-end hardware purveyor.  These gorgeous solid bronze fixtures invite caressing and touching.  I’m especially drawn to the fabulously textured crescent shaped pair of drawer pulls that remind me of butterfly’s wings.  And the door handles are so distinguished.  It just goes to show that the devil IS always in the details.


serie-rare-hardware-doorhandlesWhile not inexpensive, the pieces from Serie Rare are mini sculptures that can really enhance a piece.  Just imagine an 8-foot, black lacquered door with one of the featured handles, or a set of natural ebony wood drawers living inside your closet paired with the main featured pull.  Talk about stylish!

Richard Rabel, the|modern|sybarite

image credits: Serie Rare, Paris